At STYLL, our jewelry is personally designed by us and constructed of premium materials for durable quality. We only use real 18k Gold and 316L Premium Stainless Steel to guarantee you can wear your STYLL pieces 24/7, regardless of water, sweat, exercise, or work.


Our Gold Jewelry uses a PVD Coating process so strong that it allows us to use more pure 18k Gold with the same durability that less pure 14k Gold is known for.

Unlike gold electroplating or gold bonding, our PVD Coating process uses a vacuum seal and particle vaporization to secure our 18k Gold layers to the 316L Premium Stainless Steel core for maximum coating strength and resistance to wear and tear.


Our silver jewelry is made of solid, pure 316L Premium Stainless Steel for guaranteed strength, waterproof, and hypoallergenic qualities, unlike sterling silver which can rust with water exposure and cause skin irritation.